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The size of the Mira de Aire caves, with broad rooms and galleries allows events to be conducted inside the cave, in a unique setting, as well as movie recordings, video clips, soap operas, etc.

The growing interest in making new things in different spaces led to the creation of an event room where one can held exhibitions, shows, meetings, product presentations, dinner parties and many others that creativity and imagination have to offer.



The early people that inhabited the territory that is nowadays Portugal, crushed grapes and drank their fermented juice. With the arrival of the Phoenician, new processes were introduced in the process of crushing and storage. The Romans upon taking over the territory began exporting it to Rome as well as other places of their empire. By the time of the discoveries and maritime expansion, Portuguese wine traveled all over the world.

Portuguese wine has its own identity, tradition and quality, and has since long ago been drank all around the world.

The Grutas de Mira de Aire have at 80 meters, a gallery that due to the excellent natural conditions, has been changed into a wine cellar with possibility to do wine tasting events inside the cave.

There the visitor and connoisseur of this precious nectar, can acquire certified bottles of wine from Portugal’s main producing regions: Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Beira Interior, Estremadura, Ribatejo and Terras do Sado.

(Only available for booked tours)